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Welcome to Gallery Sakuda - Desktop Wallpaprs.
There are scenic wallpapers of the world and Japan.
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Europe France(9) Germany(2)
Oceania Papua New Guinea(2)@Tahiti(1)
Asia Cambodia(2)
Japan Tohoku(1) Kanto(2) Tokai(2) Kinki(11) Shikoku Island(3)
Africa Kenya(2) Madagascar(7) South Africa(3)
South America Argentina(2) Chile(10)

The World Heritage The World Heritage(7) Mont-St-Michel(4)
The World Heritage in Japan(11)
Theme Baobab(6) Sunset(6) Simple(4)
Gallery Sakuda
Last Up Date : 7/MAY/2002
This Homepage is made up of many scenic pictures which I took on my traveling.
Gallery Sakuda -
The World Heritage

Last Up Date : 9/JUN./2002
There are the pictures of the world heritage.
France, Chile, Japan, e.t.c.

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