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Jitte for the Kato Aratame Police

 Kato Aratame  (Kato Large-1)Price \35,000 (shipping cost not included)

 Large size Jitte with a hook and a hilt   Wooden shaft   
Length 50cm,  Weight 700g, Hook 6cm X 2.5cm,  Hilt diameter 3.8cm,  3-4weeks

 Kato Aratame    KTA-1    Price     \ 32,000  (shipping cost not included)

 (Tsubatsuki Jitte with its shaft partly hexagonal )(KTA-1) (3-4 weeks to make) 

 Kato Aratame KTA-2    Price $ 30,000     (shipping cost not included)
(Tsubatsuki Jitte with a Wooden Grip)  (KTA-2) (3-4 weeks to make)

 Kato Aratame KTA-3    Price     \ 27,000  (shipping cost not included)

 (Tsubatsuki Jitte with a hilt, wooden handle (KTA-3)
 Length 31cm,  Weight440g


 Kato Aratame (Short)  TAN-2  Price  \ 12,000  (shipping cost not included)

 (Tsubatsuki Jitte  with a hilt (short jitte) (TAN-2)  Lenght 27.5cm    (400g)

   (2-3 weeks to make)

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